From The Ashes

From the Ashes (or FTA) is a 2nd Edition AD&D game set in the original D&D world of Greyhawk, and is loosely based on the AD&D boxed set of the same name (along with The Marklands and Iuz the Old).

The game is played entirely by email, and all dice rolls are made by the GM. Players do not communicate directly with each other, but only through the GM. This helps to maintain the integrity of the game, by insuring that the players know only what their character’s know. In addition other players will only know what you choose to reveal about your character.

The setting is The World of Greyhawk, post-Greyhawk wars, and the story begins a small town in southern Furyondy, called Stalmaer. This once innocuous little town has become a burgeoning seaport, and the center of political intrigue, religious resurgence and commercial enterprise.

The gamee is not open to public viewing as of yet. As the story develops and details become known to all the current players, I may make the early stages of the game viewable (again, this is to protect the integrity of the game by keeping the players limited to the knowledge their characters possess.

Anyone interested in joining the game can drop me an email( for more information.

From the Ashes